Studying in Würzburg —
the sunniest city in Germany!

The city of Würzburg is located in Lower Franconia in the northwest of Bavaria and is well-known for its exquisite wines. With 130,000 inhabitants, Würzburg is not the largest city in Bavaria, but it sure has a lot to offer! In addition to flourishing culture and entertainment, Würzburg is characterised by its vineyards, the central Ringpark and the riverbank of the Main. The river extends several kilometres through the city and invites you to relax on the banks with its numerous trees and meadows.


Where there are students, there is a vibrant nightlife scene. Different music genres, locations, theme parties… Würzburg has something to offer for everyone.

The Sanderstraße is a great place to start your night, inviting you to its many bars. It is right in the centre of Würzburg and only a two-minute walk from the THWS buildings in the Münzstraße. The bar “Hoffnung” is rather small but has a fantastic atmosphere. On the weekends, different DJs play indie, rock, and pop music. If you want to watch a football game, the “Wohnzimmer” is the place to go. The “Reuererbäck”, usually called “Reue” for short, is a cocktail bar that serves… well, fantastic cocktails.


Würzburg is a city rich in culture. Whether you are interested in historic architecture or want to dive right into the vibrant city life and experience all of the festivities — there is lots to discover!

In the summer, there are many festivals in Würzburg. Perhaps one of the most exciting ones is “Umsonst und Draußen”, which is a festival of art and music — and it is free (umsonst) and outside (draußen).

Another interesting one is “STRAMU” (Festival für Straßenkunst). It is a festival of music, dancing, and many other activities taking place in the streets of Würzburg.

If you want to get in touch with local culture while enjoying the finest wines of the Mainfranken region, you can visit one of the many wine festivals taking place from spring until autumn. In Würzburg, many locations offer wine tastings along with local cuisine, but perhaps one of the most elegant ones is the “Hofgartenweinfest” held in the Court Garden at the Würzburg Residence.

In the winter, be sure to visit at least one of the many cosy Christmas markets taking place in Würzburg from late November to mid-December. Small market stands offer regional products ranging from local crafts, decorations and gifts to wintry candies and other local food. There will also be lots of mulled wine (Glühwein) which will warm your hands and your heart.

Another great location to visit during the holiday season is Sommerhausen. The picturesque village can easily be reached by train or bus from Würzburg. Between late November and mid-December, the whole village turns into one single romantic Christmas market.

Nature & Outdoor Adventure

In Würzburg there are many picturesque places to relax when you need a break from studying and working.

In addition to the Ringpark, the vineyards and the green banks of the Main, you can also go for a walk in one of the numerous forests around Würzburg, go mountain biking or simply unwind.

Attractive Job Market

In addition to many leisure activities, Würzburg also has big companies and lots of exciting job opportunities to offer.

For students, this means not only optimal conditions during their studies, but also excellent future prospects after graduation.

How to get to the campus at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg (SHL campus)

From Würzburg's main station, the bus line 214 runs directly to the building of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems (FIW) at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg 20. The line 114 also starts at the main station and ends at the bus stop "Universität Sportzentrum", which is only a few minutes walk from the campus. From Sanderring, the line 10 also runs to the bus stop "Universität Sportzentrum".

GPS coordinates:

N 49° 46' 40.004" E 9° 57' 47.018''

Campus Life

at the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems