Careers for AI Experts

AI methods have made enormous progress in recent years and are already part of our everyday lives. Accordingly, the need for qualified AI experts is increasing.

AI experts are in high demand

There is a high demand for AI experts, which already today cannot be adequately met with the available training capacities.

The aim of the new master’s programme is to train AI experts who are familiar with the relevant algorithms, models and social challenges of AI and who can develop and assess software systems with AI functionality.

Graduates will have the skillset to independently develop solutions for standard and individual AI systems, apply innovative technologies to AI systems in industrial and non-industrial environments, and further specialise in their field.

In particular, graduates will be trained to bring approaches of so-called strong AI into practice.

You will qualify for careers

in the spectrum of AI, Data Science, Cognitive Computing, and many more.

Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary field that comprises of content from computer science, mathematics, physics and cognitive science, but also touches many other subject areas. Hence, the portfolio of competencies taught in the programme is also interdisciplinary.

The field of Artificial Intelligence also allows an even higher degree of specialisation in disciplines such as logic, algorithms, human-machine interaction, so that various research areas can be addressed in the course of a cooperative dissertation. Due to the close linking of engineering and computer science competencies, graduates are also trained to take on the challenges of digital transformation.