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ECTS/ECTS Credit Points
European Credit Transfer System is the English term for the European system for the transfer and accumulation of academic credits. One ECTS point represents a workload of 30 hours for attending courses, preparing for and following up on the courses and preparing for the module examination.


Master's thesis





Other type of assessment

Written exam

Seminar-like lecture


Semester hours per week; required attendance of students at the university per module in one semester week. One SWS comprises a period of 45 minutes.

Brief Overview

Here you will find the master house of the programme Artificial Intelligence.

Module Handbook (all modules at a glance)

Module Handbook for the winter semester 2023/24

* Note: This is a research-oriented degree programme.

The Modules in Detail


01 Mathematical Foundations of AI

02 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

03 Artificial Neural Networks and Cognitive Models

04 Reasoning and decision making under uncertainty

05 Elective 1*

06 Project Module

07 Trustworthy AI and AI regulations

08 Fundamentals of Mobile Robotics

09 Semantic data processing and representation

10 Learning of Structured Data

11 Scientific Seminar

12 Elective 2*

13 Master's Thesis



* Additional Information on Electives

The provided electives are variable and may change over the terms.
Actual offerings are determined at the beginning of each semester based on a pre-assessment.
Generally, there is no guarantee that certain FWPM from previous semesters are offered again.
At least two FWPM are offered in the summer term to provide a real choice.