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Machine Learning Lab

Interactive Music Board – FHWS Jukebox

Meeting in the Machine Learning Lab


The Machine Learning Lab, also called BIX.lab, is formed by the individual labs BI.lab, BPM.lab and mdx.lab.

The topics of the lab cluster include: Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, BPMN, Business Technologies, Computational Intelligence, Data Quality Management, Databases, Information Security Awareness, ISMS, IT Governance, Machine Learning, Master Data Mangement, NoSQL and Process Mining.

Main focus

  • Methods and applications of artificial intelligence.
  • Analytical applications in companies.
  • Data analysis methods for life science data.
  • Process models for the development of BI systems.
  • NoSQL data management techniques.
  • Similarity-based data analysis.
  • Prototype-based learning.
  • Database technologies for data warehousing.

Equipment (hardware and software)

  • 2 multi-touch tables
  • 1 FIWI assistant robot
  • various Smartphones und Tablets
  • various notebooks
  • CPU Cluster


Smart Systems Lab

Machine Learning with Nvidia Modules

The Samrt Systems Lab

Main focus

  • Hardware-related programming of µcontrollers
  • Dealing with sensors, actuators and communication buses
  • IoT protocols, architectures and applications, Industrial IoT
  • Cloud, especially PaaS
  • Security, safety & occupational health, end-to-end security
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Machine Learning, Edge Computing
  • Applied AI, Explainable AI (XAI)


  • To understand, research, develop, and above all apply and experience digitalisation through prototyping, continuous improvement, consulting and teaching.
  • Continuous deepening of expertise in the area of (industrial) Internet of Things, AI, and security.
  • Continuation of successful cooperations with leading partners in industry:
    ASTI InSystems, BSH,  Emqopter, FGB Steinbach, Flexus, Geis, IBM, Lufthansa-Technik, PIA Automation, RHÖN-KLINIKUM, Siemens Corporate Technology, Siemens Digital Factory, Helmut-Schmidt-Univesity, htw saar, Julius-Maximilians-University Munich, Technical University Munich, Unicorn University

Equipment (hardware and software)

  • Quadro- and Octocopters (DJI, Emqopter, Parrot)
  • Humanoid robots: Pepper, Nao (Softbank Robotics)
  • Open-source robots: JetBot, Jet Racer (Nividia, Waveshare)
  • Sensors: Lidar, Radar, Sonar, IR
  • Actors: Turtlebots
  • Developer Boards (Nvidia, Atmel, Infineon, STM, TI)

photos ©S. Bausewein